6 Mistakes to Avoid During a BBQ

6 Mistakes to Avoid during a Barbeque
Summer’s here and so are barbeques! Is there anything better than the smell of grilled meat wafting through the air, or the anticipation of slathering said meat in delicious sauces? Well, before you get your grills out, remember there are some things that can mess up your beloved BBQs. Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes you need to avoid this BBQ season.
Not Cleaning Your Grill
OK, first of all, ew. Not that we’re being judgmental here, because yeah, cleaning out the grill can be a heck of a chore. What with the residue accumulating in every nook and cranny of the grates, it takes patience to remove all that debris. Skip out on cleaning at your own risk, however. That residue can cause your meat to stick to the grill and destroy your crusting. Plus, you know. It’s gross!
To clean the grill effectively, heat the grill for around 10 minutes, and then use a bristle brush to scrub off the residue.
Starting cooking too late
This is probably a situation most of us are intimately acquainted with. What with the kids running all over the place and you getting calls from the workplace, there’s a good chance you start cooking a lot later than you had originally planned. Our advice? Plan to start a good couple of hours before you wanted to. Or there’s a good chance you’ll have guests showing up for dinner with the food not even close to completion!
Waiting for the steak to get warmed up
Tell us honestly – have you been waiting for your steaks to reach room temperature after removing them from the fridge all this time? Well, you don’t need to! Once the steak reaches room temperature, the meat cooks way too fast, and that means you don’t have enough control over the final temperature of your steak. Keep your grills burning hot and let the steak hit it right out of the fridge.
Over-smoking the meat.
This is a mistake you may have learned from your mom or dad. Too many people totally pack up their chambers with thick and white smoke, but that’s dirty smoke! Clean smoke is faint, thin and has a blue tint to it. That’s what you need to aim for.
Not seasoning the steak right
When it comes to BBQs, marinade is key. Sugar heavy marinades are going to burn right up on the grill. You want a sauce with low-acidity, like Mannys meat Marinade if you cooking red meats, fish or sea-food and Mannys chicken Marinade for your white meats, specially chicken , when the meat goes on the grill. Later, you can brush on more flavorful sauces like Piri Piri during the last minutes before you take the meat off the grill.
Forgetting the sauce!
Now that is a criminal mistake! How are you going to enjoy your meat without dipping it in drool-worthy sauces, you monster? It’s a good thing you can get all the Piri Piri you need right here, as well as any other yummy sauces that tickle your fancy. Enjoy your BBQ!

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