6 Tips that Should make your BBQ a whole lot Easier

6 Tips that Should Make BBQs a Whole Lot Easier

If you’re half as excited for the barbecue season as us, you’re probably already preparing for it! The smell of the smoky air, the sound of meats sizzling on the grill (or veggies, if you’re vegetarian or vegan!) and the chattering of friends and family – truly, BBQs are magical. But they are also a whole lot of work that can leave you totally frazzled and unable to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Here are some tips that should help this year’s barbecues be the best yet!

Get a gas grill
If you have to get yourself a new grill this summer, you might like to opt for a gas grill. Sure, charcoal grill lovers may argue that the taste of gas grilled food isn’t as smoky, but we believe it’s still just as rich! Plus, charcoal grills tend to release a lot more carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to the environment and to your food. In addition to being easier to use, gas burns a lot cleaner than charcoal.
Give a fresh twist to easy or classic recipes
Look, you obviously want to ensure everyone enjoys their food on the day of the barbecue. But you also want to spend time having fun with your friends and family, right? That’s why you should avoid complicated recipes that call for too many ingredients. Instead, go for around five summer classics, and give them a bit of a twist. Consider opting for a ready marinade. Mannys Sauces offer a wide range of marinades for anything you need to put on your grill. This will allow the food to look and taste great, while also permitting you the time you need to enjoy your friends’ company. This way, you don’t need to spend your precious time peeling garlic, onions and preparing all the other ingredients for your marinades.

Host a potluck
We can’t stress this enough: the fun to work ratio at a barbecue should always be in favor of the fun side! If you’re hosting the barbecue, you’ll have an easier time if you take care of the grilling and cold drinks, and ask your friends to bring drinks and side dishes. This is perfect for a sweet laid back barbecue. Don’t feel embarrassed – most people are happy to contribute!

Get as much prep work done the night before as possible
Don’t leave everything to the next day! Instead, prepare the night before the BBQ. If you’re not doing a potluck, fix up the side dishes and chop up fruits and veggies. Make sure to give your meats a day to marinate, and clean up your grill.
Make sure the kids have something to do
Have activities for any children that might be coming along to the party – their parents will appreciate it! You’ll have more time to catch up with your friends if children aren’t constantly competing for attention. Get water guns or a slip and slide so they can beat the heat!
Put down aluminum foil so you can clean up easy!
Cleaning up is the worst part of a barbecue. Make the job easier on yourself by lining your cooker’s bottom with aluminum foil on the inside. This should allow you to clean up the ash and gray coals after barbecuing a lot more easily.

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