Going Vegan? Here’s How you can Still Enjoy Your BBQ

Going Vegan? Here’s how you can Still Enjoy a BBQ

If there’s one thing I wholeheartedly believe about BBQs, it’s that they’re the perfect opportunity for friends and family to connect with each other. Barbeques are all about that sense of camaraderie and fellowship, as people come together in order to spend some time in each other’s company and have fun. As enjoyable as barbeques are, I really do find them beautiful. I love how having a barbeque means that people get to meet each other and develop social bonds over plates of delicious food.
And I love just how inclusive barbeques can be. You might think that you’re excluded from the barbeque grill because of your vegan eating choices, for example, but you could not be farther from the truth. After all, the grill can be used on so much more than just burgers and steaks! Just how delicious are corn and vegetables when grilled, right? Heck, you can even grill fruits like avocado or strawberries!
Barbecue tofu’s another to die for delight. And you can replace your traditional steaks with yummy cauliflower steaks that could even end up being the envy of your carnivorous friends. Veggie kebabs, grilled aubergine, potato salads, veggie slaw – the list is endless when it comes to a vegan BBQ! You’re going to be spoiled for choice.
And if you’re worried about the sauces, well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all kinds of sauces that are suited to a vegan diet and incredibly frigging delicious! Too used to refusing mayonnaise? Well, here you can get “Mannyaise”, our unique recipe that’s created entirely from olive oil and vegetables. With its distinct flavor and egg-free formulation, you’ll be bringing this sauce to just about every barbecue you host or go to! Our curry sauces, cooking Piri Piri, tomato fusion and peanut-free satay are similarly tailored to fit vegan sensibilities, meaning you get to enjoy all the barbecues you want!
So yeah, you don’t have to miss out on barbecues just because you’re vegan! And seriously. Eating out at a barbecue AND getting to skip the part where you sweat heavily because of all the meat? You can sign me up!

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