About us

My Short Story

As any other person in the world, I had a huge dream, a dream to open the first Piri-Piri Chicken Restaurant in the world, and then spread this dream to every corner of the planet. It wouldn’t be easy to achieve, but neither was it impossible. I had an extraordinary product, the will, the courage, the faith and family support to make it come true. Early in 1985, I sold my family home to raise enough funds to open the first piri-piri chicken restaurant in the world. CHICKENLAND was the chosen name and Johannesburg, South Africa was the birth place of my dream! After a short while, besides running the restaurant, I was also making, bottling and selling a range of 5 different Piri-Piri Sauces and Marinades, the first of its kind available in the world. After a slow start, the business was a stunning success! The name quickly spread across the city and everyone was talking about this new food place that was taking the food industry by storm.

The business success was proven! The next step was the expansion to other parts of the city, country and then, abroad. Expansion included a need for capital and people. There were many people trying to get involved financially, so in 1987, I opt to sell some of my business shares to two young men: one of the Portuguese origin and the other, a South African of Jewish origin. Shortly after they joined, the business name was changed to NANDOS. Chickenland was a nice name, but according to marketing experts at the time, it was felt that the business should be backed by a personal name before the expansion start taking place. Between MANNYS and NANDOS, I was out-voted, and the latter name was chosen. Much later, I understood why ‘Nandos’ and not ‘Mannys’ Despite a few initial problems, the expansion started taking off and now more than ever, the success was tremendous!

Cutting the story short, a few years later, the rug was pulled out from under my feet and I was forced to leave my own Dream, my business, the business that I have created with so much love and effort. After this happened, I thought that the world had ended. I lost the will to live, the faith and the passion. I lost my life dream; one of the best things in my life after my family. A couple of years later, I opened a few other restaurants including Chickenland in Portugal, but these were not my dream. It was a way to make a living, but it wasn’t my passion. It took me a long time to recover, if I ever did, from what happened, but I knew that I had to get up… Slowly, I regained my serenity, and faith in the humanity. I was now getting my determination back, my courage was getting strong again, and I could now feel my passion coming back, pushing me through until another dream emerged; to make the best sauces and specialty food products in the world!

MANNYS SAUCES is now my new dream! Once again I can see this new dream taking shape and growing strong! The passion is back and I again have the will, the faith, the support of my family, and the support of so many loyal customers that know and appreciate the high quality products that we make. I am forever grateful to my family and my customers for their support and the divine forces for showing me the way.

Restaurants, will soon follow since this is the extension of my dream!

Although we are a new company, we can proudly say that we were nominated as finalists for the prestigious:

  • Quality Food Awards with 50% of the products we entered
  • 2014 WINNER of the Scoot Headlines Award
  • Gold WINNER of the Invicta Foundation
  • British Quality Food Awards WINNER 2016
  • 2017 Free From SHORTLISTED

We have done extensive market research by talking with thousands of customers directly; always with outstanding Positive Feedback.