Piri Piri: The Sauce that will Transform Your Kitchen

Hot Piri Piri saucesIf you have spent any time at all in the kitchen, you know full well the transformative power wielded by a well made sauce. Sauces add flavor and moisture to a dish, not to mention a visual appeal! Not all sauces are created equal, however, and some are more powerful than their peers. And that’s where Piri Piri comes in!
Mm, did someone say Piri Piri? I’m on my way!
I want to talk all the sauces that can totally revolutionize your kitchen, but today, let’s start with what is, in my humble opinion, one of humanity’s greatest inventions. Piri Piri refers to the delicacy loved by Mozambican natives that’s described as bird’s eye chilli. In that region, it’s called Pili Pili. Whatever the name, this simple marinade is pure genius. It’s made with salt, lemon and birds eye chilli all crushed together to make a thin paste, and can be used to marinate your dish no matter what you’re cooking: meat, chicken, fish or sea-food.
Piri Piri is the Portuguese version of ‘Pili Pili’. Once the colonies gained independence in the late 70’s, there was a large influx of Portuguese and Mozambique nationals all over the world, mainly South Africa and Portugal. Piri Piri was extremely popular, especially amongst the Portuguese communities arriving from the mainland, and these people included me. Back home, we never really tasted hot and spicy food, but Piri Piri would change all that. This was an all new way of eating which my family and I got attached to in no time at all. In the tropical heat, we’d cool down Piri Piri’s zing with excellent cold beers, and it would feel like a little slice of heaven.
The real Piri Piri revolution started in South Africa in 1985, when I was the first person in the world to produce and bottle this delicate sauce and make it available to the public! Yes, really! So I am the Piri Piri creator and I got to play a part in the Piri Piri revolution! From here, a famous chain of restaurants of which I was the founder, channelled Piri Piri into other parts of the world. We have been making this sauce since 1985, and over the years we’ve obtained an edge through our accumulated expertise and know-how to make the highest quality available out there. That’s how we were voted the best Piri Piri in the UK three years running!
Today, everyone talks about Piri Piri, and there are quite a few adventurers creating this sauce. While some get close to the flavour, most of them are miles away from the real thing. So as happy as I am to see Piri Piri’s popularity, I’m also a little sad that so the name of the sauce is currently a little abused.
Piri Piri’s worldwide popularity is probably due to its ability to be drizzled, and of course, to add heat and flavour to anything you put in your plate. And it’s super all-purpose – you can drip it on meat dishes as is traditional, or chicken and seafood! It even works with sandwiches and stir-fries, and of course, snacks, shakes, soups and even in your morning cereals!

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