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This page is exclusively for our DEAR Customer to express their comments.

Please help us to improve what is not yet perfect.”

What they Say

“This page is exclusively for our DEAR Customer to express their comments.

Please help us to improve what is not yet perfect.” 

34 thoughts on “What they Say”

  1. Great sauces, and thanks for the bottle of Mannys Salt. It has a really nice flavour and is fantastic on steak. Hope you are going to put it in your store soon for all to enjoy? A

  2. Thames Ditton Farmers Market Dec 2016 & discovered this absolute gem of a stall and sauces!! As I was having an alternative Xmas dinner Of steak I bought the meat marinade and OMG, this made our Xmas day amazing – what an amazing marinade and my family were in awe of how good it was! I also bought the mannyoinnaise and can’t wait to open that! I will be buying these sauces again and can’t wait to try the rest! Amazing work guys xx

    1. Many thanks for your comment Emma. It makes us extremely happy knowing that we are on the right direction. If you feel that there is anything we can do better, please do let us know.
      Best wishes, Manny

  3. Excellent, loved the one for all sauce, sort of like a grown up version of ” Sandwich Spread” with a super Olive taste and a slight kick in the aftertaste, which is good for me as I can,t take hot diced, like chilli, s won’t be buying any of your hot sauces. But have already ordered a bottle each of the Mannynaise and the Tomato Fusion so will let you know what I think of them.

  4. I picked up some sauces at the market in Sutton. They were fantastic! Unfortunately when they finished i couldn’t find you there again but now i’ve found the website I will certainly go and get more. Your’s are the best marinades – nothing else compares!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Ray.
      Just give us a shout whenever, you need and we will get them to you.
      You can buy on the website, Amazon and soon in some large retailers.
      As a toke of appreciation, you’ll get free postage if you buy on the website.

  5. Amazing heat – like having a flame throwing down your throat…
    “Should have a danger warning” Quality Food Award Judge

  6. – Good product, very good value. This must be the original product they are famous for… Does not sit on the fence… Like it a Lot! — QFA Judge

  7. A good heat. Packaging looks fantastic, exciting and nice to have the string around its neck. Very hot, could have more flavour than just heat. Could have a higher than two chilly rating. Nice to see something that hot on the market place. As a hot sauce, it is great and is reasonable well rounded. A good price too. — Panel of QFA Judges

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